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History, Art and Nature

ISBN: 978-88-87666-40-3

Authors:  Ambrogio Piazzoni, Giovanni Morello, Luigi Bernardi
Translation from the Italian: Alan Young
Preface: S.E. Cardinale Josè Castillo Lara
Pages: 160
Size cm: 17 x 23
N. of Illustrations: 96 large colored photographs specially taken and several reproductions of old etchings from the Vatican Apostolic Library
Photos: Erika Young
Number of Photos: more than 96 large colored photographs
Paper: glossy gr.170
Binding: soft jacket with flaps printed in colour
Language: English


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A Guide to the Vatican Gardens

The Vatican Gardens constitute an extraordinary oasis in the heart of Rome with 22 hectares comprising half of the State of the Vatican land. Their history, culture, art and nature define a complex and unique place in the world, whose roots span 2000 years. The fountains and hedges we see today, were once the gardens of Agrippina and the circus of Nero in the time of Imperial Rome. It was here that the cult of Saint Peter was born. These gardens are part of the history of Christianity, they have been the setting of rest and prayer for the popes who enlarged and adorned them with Works of Art, Monuments, Fountains, Acqueducts and Statues, calling reknown artists such as Michelangelo and Bramante among others, or ordered plants with powerful significance such as the olive tree from the garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem and in time, this authentic green heart of Rome has also become a refuge for numerous species of birds. This volume, curated by two academics of the Vatican Apostolic Library at the Vatican Museums, edited with abundant data and beautiful coloured images, does not only fill a gap but also offers a live stimulus to enjoy this Vatican jewel. Translated from the Italian edition, this precious and artistic book is for curious travellers, garden lovers or visitors searching for glimpses of a past steeped in history and tradition.